Eri-Childhood organisation which is based in Sweden, laid dawn a project to be implemented in 2008 to help any Eritrean who is suffering from impaired sight? Based on this, the Eri-childhood organisation has sent the following items on 10th of July, 2008 to Eritrea.

Item                                                                               Quantity

  •          Magnification                                                                               121
  •          Stick                                                                                             28
  •          Stick (mark)                                                                                 79
  •          Binoculars                                                                                    28
  •          Glasses                                                                                        31
  •         TV glasses                                                                                   3
  •          Magnifying glasses with lightning                                                67
  •          Lens head electricity                                                                    1
  •          Timer                                                                                            1
  •          Lens head (without electricity)                                                     54


The above mentioned items have reached their destination successfully and on 14th August, 2008 Eri-childhood has received a letter of gratitude from those who were in need. We thank all members of the organization and those who put their time and efforts in helping this holy and blessed duty to succeed.




The consequence and the facts which we tried to see are:

Of not having a wheelchair can be big barriers to parents and to the disabled child himself. Spend the disable children much of their daylight time in chairs that do not fit them and do not allow them independence and comfort is somehow harmful. Eri-childhood has understood the importance of wheelchair and its outcome, therefore Eri- childhood decided to meet the needs of some disabled children in Eritrea. By providing wheelchair to the disabled child, the child get a transportation-accessibility, engagement, get feeling of belonging, being a member and integrate, feel they have control and influence.

Fig 1.


The fruit, beneficial or tangible effect(s) achieved by effort of Eri-Childhood members:

To give a partial relief to Eritrean mothers who carry their grownup handicapped children on their back. Based on this idea the Eri-childhood org. has sent 50 (fifty) comfortable wheelchairs to these children. The organisation hopes that the beneficiaries and their guardians will get partial relief and the organization will keep on doing far more projects like this and others.





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