The Formation of the Eri-Childhood Organisation

Eri-Childhood Org. was established in 2006. It is free from narrow nationalism, regionalism, ethnic and religious differences. The formation of this organisation was as follows. In 2006 there was a program in the voice of Eritrean TV which showed a very sad and terrible event that had happened to an Eritrean mother with her child as a refugee. A group of Eritrean friends who followed the event of this program started to think deeply and emotionally. They began to discuss on how to minimize and if possible to prevent such events from happening and offer some help by contributing what they can.

In the beginning we were so enthusiastic to help every Eritrean in need with what we can. But as time and experience elapsed we came to realize that it was impossible to help all in need and start focusing on helping children who are most in need and of grave assistance.

This group of friends who were sharing in thick and thin problems as well as in happiness for a long period of time formed the present Eri-Childhood Org. and we are working heartily to help Eritrean children who are having different problems.

Published: Thursday, 08 December 2016 11:06