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To help others is an innate human characteristic, but for us Eritreans, it is also ingrained in our rich culture and it has served us well throughout our history and in today’s challenging times. Our compassion and generosity is beyond compare and we are always ready to assist those who are disadvantaged and impoverished. Our mission is primarily focused in helping children who suffer from mental and physical disabilities.  Our aim is to alleviate the pain of our brothers and sisters one at a time. There is no such thing as a small act of kindness. Your donations will help us achieve this challenging endeavour in Eritrea.Every little bit helps.


Corporate Partnerships

Corporations play an important role in helping Eri-Childhood in promoting children’s rights and giving children a happy childhood. For more information, please contact us




Eritrean Enlightenment är en icke vinstdrivande ideell organisation som engagerar barn, föräldrar och allmänheten i viktiga samhällsfrågor.




Vård och omsorg i hemmet med fokus på trygghet och värme


AB Hemstöd24 Omsorg

Solberga ängsvägen 3

125 44 Älvsjö

Telefon: 08 – 38 58 51

Mobil: 070 – 837 58 51

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SofiasOmsorg arbetar för att ge omsorg med kvalitet och ha en god samverkan med samtliga berörda parter. 


SofiasOmsorg AB
Arenavägen 29, 8
121 77 Johanneshov-Globen

Telefon: 08-410 384 30
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Välkomna till Red Sea Restaurang, det Eritreanska köket som bjuder på fantastiska traditionell mat.

Malmvägen 16 B



Our Postal address


C/o Tackjärnsvägen 18

168 68 Bromma




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Telephone: +46 704 432 498

                 +46 707 223 770

                 +46 737 407 302

Email: info@erichildhood.com


Donations to Eri-Childhood

Bank: Nordea
Plusgiro: 209732-7

For international donation

Account number:  9960 4202097327
IBAN:  SE33 9500 0099 6042 0209 7327