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Eri-Childhood members, has a great love and compassion towards children, we are dedicated improving value of children life to the better and perhaps healthier.  Allowing people giving more will enable us to achieve our objective and this in turn will makes us helping the vulnerable children of Eritrean who live in Eritrea, and for those who live in neighboring countries.

We believe firmly the little effort a person generates, will bring a child’s circumstances in a better form. Furthermore Eri- childhood member’s hope is, to inspire and motivate people to make a difference for the better.

Eri-Childhood is committed serving Children without regard to political affiliation, religious belief, or ethnic identity.



Eri - childhood Charity organisation

Goal: Our aim is trying to help children those who have less good. By collecting money and materials, we can give a shot to influence the child's living conditions for the better.

Target: Children (according to the UN Convention definition) with Eritrean origin who live in Eritrea and Eritrean neighbor countries.

Eri - Childhood members are a group of Eritreans who cares about others and who has a great love for children and humanity, therefore, wanted the members to give a try to make a difference and help for the vulnerable children of Eritrean origin who live in Eritrea, and for those children of Eritrean origin who live in the countries around Eritrea.


Active and passive members.

Active: Are the members who have a right to influence and involve actively and protect the common interests and show gentleness and goodness towards the organization and its rules.

Passive: Are those groups who pay a certain amount of money when they pleased to do so. Of that reason they do not have the right either to decide or to influence the decision.

The organization has its own rules to look after (see Eri - Childhood regulation) those rules are that govern Eri - Childhood charitable mission.


What members do and not do?

Ø   Collects money, 100 kr / Per month and per member.

Ø  Participate in the annual meeting, quarterly and semi-annual meeting

Ø  Assist with gathering of information

Ø  Develop the organization

Ø  Show interestand commitment to work

Ø  Find different kind of activities for members and their children.

Ø  Organize seminaries to the members

Ø  Arrange seminar in collaboration with other organizations

Ø  Organize lectures by calling various competent individuals

Ø  Discouraging activity that harms the organization, etc

Management structure: The type of management structure that govern the charitable organization, selected by Eri- childhood active members. Members elect their board a member attends at the annual meeting once every two years. The member subject to the three decision-making bodies, these are chairman, cashier (Treasurer) and Secretary. The organization also appoints a deputy, an auditor and three- fest committee that organize parties for members only.
Board Member is the highest decision-making body, in acute charity cases; they have the right to make quick decisions.

What drives Eri - Childhood members to donate money in "silence"?

Ø  The compassion and love for other people.

Ø  Amazing efforts to achieve the needs of the target group's.

Ø  We are fully aware what it requires and we now that it needs a lot of commitment, obligations, some money to succeed the goal of making difference, but Eri-Childhood members also know the little effort a person can make, makes difference in the --- child's life. We also try to involve others in this, and the members hope is to inspire and motivate people to make a difference for the better.


How do we proceed to gather information: By examining and permeate the information channels? Members hereby trying to find information from:

Ø  Internet

Ø  Mouth To mouth

Ø  Social - media, twitter, facebook, instagram, blogg


Ø  By being observant in what we see and hear

Ø  As well as what we experienced ourselves and so on.

 After careful consideration, we make sure aid reaches to the appropriate person. We always put the children in focus and the work will be done based on their needs. By letter, telephone, e-mail and video clips, we can easily and clearly follow that the aid has reached on place. 
Members have the premise that not expecting to get anything back more than:



The feeling of being satisfied by the service that we give to change the child's quality of life, hopefully for the better and to get peace within us.




Our Postal address


C/o Tackjärnsvägen 18

168 68 Bromma




Contact us


Telephone: +46 704 432 498

                 +46 707 223 770

                 +46 737 407 302

Email: info@erichildhood.com


Donations to Eri-Childhood

Bank: Nordea
Plusgiro: 209732-7

For international donation

Account number:  9960 4202097327
IBAN:  SE33 9500 0099 6042 0209 7327